HCIM Students are Innovating for a Healthier and More Inclusive Future

HCIM students at the University of Maryland shared their brilliant products today at the Inclusive Design and Personal Health Informatics & Visualization semester poster presentation. UMD seeks to create an inclusive and healthy world for all of us, celebrating diversity by designing products and solutions that support personal health needs and also create fulfilling experiences for all people.

HCIM graduate students have the opportunity to take part in this initiative by taking our course offerings: Inclusive Design and Personal Health Informatics & Visualization. During these courses, students researched and co-designed solutions with their target users. They then created their own product concepts with interactive prototypes of their solutions. Design is powerful and UMD HCIM students proved that!

Check out the below list showcasing the titles of our students' projects:

[Inclusive Design]

  • Co-Design Session to Communicate 360 Style

  • SPIN: A Smart Ring That Makes Presenting Easy

  • Vanity: A Mobile App for People with Color-blindness to Pick and Match Outfits

  • Using Participatory Design Methods to Help Parents with High Data Privacy Values Track Their Child’s Growth

  • Ziel: Enabling People with Clinical Anxiety to Track Their Health

  • Rethinking Reachability in the Era of Big Screens

[Personal Health Informatics & Visualization]

  • Balance: Designing for Digital Well-being by Contextualizing Smartphone Usage

  • MoodyInvestor

  • Just Right Hydration: Personalizing Hydration

  • Water Meter: An Intelligent Multi-class Hydration Tracking Application

  • DermaTrack: Your Skincare Pal

  • Understanding Tracking Practices & Technology Use in PCOS

So excited for the bright futures of these students!

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