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Welcome to Read Wednesday, a series where we share three articles we’re reading this week.

This week’s Read Wednesday is in honor of our WitLingo event last Friday. In case you missed it, WitLingo led a workshop for us last Friday, and sent some articles written by their CEO Ahmed Bouzid, HCIM’s way. Since WitLingo is in the Ubiquitous Voice sphere, these articles are about—you guessed it!—UbiVoice.

  1. Ubiquitous Voice the Next Frontier. In this article Ahmed sees a revolution of technology fast approaching, that of Ubiquitous voice. He theorizes that the days of using a flat screen for writing are numbered, and instead sees a world where interactions are solely controlled by something that predates smart technology—Human language.

  2. In the article, It’s All in Design, Ahmed talks about the need for designers to create interactions that are tailored and designed for the customer. There are many videos of Alexa’s skills that showcase numerous user studies and research on how people might use the product, depending on what the user wants.

  3. In WitLingo: Our Companies Business Values, Ahmed talks about how Ubi-voice will change the way we interact, not just with technology, but also with each other. The possibilities of Ubi-voice are exciting, and WitLingo sees these as a great opportunity to bring some humanity back into technology.

Cofounder and CEO Ahmed Bouzid talks to the HCIM about Ubi-Voice

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