Read Wednesdays

Welcome to Read Wednesday, a new series where we share three articles we’re reading this week.

This week’s Read Wednesday is dedicated to 2016 and the possibilities of 2017! Join us as we name two of our favorite articles from 2016 and get a hint of what we can expect in 2017.

  1. Spencer Lanau’s UI vs. UX. One question we HCIM-ers get asked frequently is, what is the difference between UI and UX? This article by Spencer Lanau answers this question in the most basic terms. It’s also a great article if you are stuck explaining your graduate degree to your extended family.

  2. If you don’t know who Dieter Rams is, James Gill’s article As Little Design As Possible gives great insight into the design principles of one of the most prolific industrial designers. Definitely worth a quick read.

  3. Fast Company’s 12 Tech Trends that Will Shape Our Lives in 2017 touches on everything from machine-learning to the implications of VR on music venues to the life-saving potential of self-driving cars. This article considers the future of UX and how we might apply our skill sets to more than websites and apps.

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