Read Wednesdays

Welcome to Read Wednesday, a new series where we share three articles we’re reading this week.

  1. Dan Saffer on the Myth of Invisible Design. Saffer has worked on several publications on design, as well as freelancing for companies such as Microsoft and HP. In this post, Saffer opposes the conventional knowledge that good design is invisible. He advocates for a “readiness at hand” coupled with a “present-at-hand” design philosophy.

  2. OK, so not necessarily an article, but UXers recently put out a list of big players in UX design. The list includes companies from the BBC to Modern Human. Might inspire some of you to update your Twitter feeds.

  3. David McGillivray recounts a panel he attended in which Eric Schmidt declared that “the internet will disappear… It will be part of your presence all the time.” It is in this vein at McGillivray begins to consider the future of the GUI, and how traditional UI designers will have to adapt. You can read the full article here.

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