MEET MONDAYS: Yla Tausczik

Meet Mondays is a chance for everyone to learn a little about iSchool faculty. Join us every Monday to meet a new faculty member.

Dr. Yla Tausczik is a Northern California native has been an Assistant Professor at the iSchool for nearly two years.

What brought you to UMD?

I wanted to be in an interdisciplinary program with strong HCI research.

What's your affiliation with the HCIM program?

I will be teaching the Social Computing Technologies and Applications course next Spring. I hope HCIM students take this course! We will cover the social aspects of the web—online communities, social media, crowdsourcing, peer production.

What project is taking up most of your time at the moment? Can you tell us a little about it?

My work focuses on crowd problem solving. Currently we are conducting an experiment to understand the ways in which crowds are biased in how they share and process information. There are some amazing success stories in which crowds are able to tackle problems well beyond what individuals could do alone, but there are also cases in which crowds are dysfunctional and arrive at bad solutions.

What do you find most challenging about working at the iSchool?

We are rapidly growing and changing. At times we don’t meet everyone’s needs because courses and support are still developing.

What do you find most rewarding about working at the iSchool?

We are rapidly growing and changing. It means we are improving and there are always new opportunities to make things better.

What's your favorite place on campus? Why?

Walking or running on the Anacostia Tributary Trail. It is so peaceful.

What is currently in your refrigerator?

Butternut squash ravioli. I made ravioli myself for the first time.

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