Shneiderman's New ABCs of Research at Google

HCIM graduate student Rachael Marr reflects on an event hosted by Google for Ben Shneiderman's new book, The New ABCs of Research.

If it's surreal to find yourself in a room with technology powerhouses like Vint Cerf and Ben Shneiderman, then it can only be described as an honor when you're also able to hear them discuss Ben Shneiderman's new book. I found myself in this enviable position on a recent Wednesday afternoon at Google's DC headquarters.

Shneiderman's The New ABCs of Research covers a wealth of topics, from design to engineering to science, and how in many old workflow models these relate to each other in a linear fashion. The book proposes that these seemingly disparate fields could work closer together.

The session began with Shneiderman discussing difficult collaboration on teams, then expanded to touch on the wordle diagrams that start every chapter of the book, and finally concluded by taking questions from the audience. Many amazing questions were asked including the ethics of technology and how best to brainstorm on a team. Little known fact—research has shown that people should brainstorm separately and then come together to share ideas.

Anyone who is interested should pick up a copy of Shneiderman’s new book on Amazon. Trust me, it’s well worth the read.

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