Team: Rohan Singh, Jenny Hottle, Vanessa Oguamam, & Xiaoyu Tai
Year: Spring 2016

Our solution aims to help travelers break free from routine and rediscover the beauty of exploring new cultures while also bringing in a collaborative aspect to the travel. By introducing a new kind of travel interface, we aim to make group travelers plan and document their trip with ease. 

Title: Incredible Fit

Description: A user-centered design prototype that helps users create and order custom-fitted clothes online. 

Team: Pujita Tipnis, Johnathan Corrales, Xuan Zhang, Stacy Biloa

Class: INST 632 (HCI Design Methods)

Year: Spring 2016

Title: Enticing Community Members to Explore & Enhance Local Green Space Through Technology

Team: Carol Boston

Class: INST 776 (Capstone)

Year: Spring 2016

Title: Ghostbuster 9000

Description: A voice controlled robot, designed to help the ghostbusters capturing ghosts

Team: Rachael Marr

Class: INST 631 (Fundamentals of HCI)

Year: Fall 2015

Title: Smartville

Team: Kevin Vigneault

Class: INST 776 (Capstone)

Year: Spring 2016

Title: Epicly

Team: Jaymes Jones

Class: INST 776 (Capstone)

Year: Spring 2016

Title: Liftlogger

Team: Aria Ghanaat

Class: INST 776 (Capstone)

Year: Spring 2016

Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction

College of Information Studies

University of Maryland
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